The Manor Barn Owl Box

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NEW!! Wifi Cameras! 
Our new Wifi cameras let you monitor your new owl box from your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

It also features: 

  • Available Micro SD Card so you can record the activity and watch later if you missed it 
  • Audio recording
  • Super wide angle lens so you can see inside the whole box! 
  • Motion detector notification - your phone will notify you if there's motion in your owl box
  • Night vision - see your owls even in pitch black 

Here's a sample video of what you'll see: 


The Manor is by far my most popular owl box. This is the same model that housed Molly and McGee, the famous internet celebrity owls featured on YouTube. You can set this box up anywhere you like, it's durable enough to The box measures 43" in height and is 56" wide. 

Barn owl boxes are a natural way to control rodent and pest problems on your property. They're safe, effective and much better than pesticides. I hand make all the owl boxes, and have been making these for nearly 20 years. The box will withstand rain, wind, storms and any type of weather. The manor doesn't require any cleaning or maintenance, and once it's up you won't have to worry about it.

This box makes a great addition to your property, and looks great! 

The Manor Owl Box Details
– Height: 22"
– Length: 15"
- Width: 24"
– Weight: 7.43 lbs
– Made from fine Luan Mahogany with an Oak trim
– Barrier threshold (to prevent newborn owls from tumbling out)
– 100% handcrafted, made in our shop here in San Diego
– Endorsed by the Department of Agriculture
– Includes installation guide

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