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Our owl houses are hand made right here in San Diego, using premium quality products since 1992.

We offer:

*Painted or stained, with clear urethane finish options

*Effective bee deterrent

*Ring Wifi Cameras

*Installations on a 16 foot steel pole


Neil Windle (619) 241-3826

SHOP OUR TOP BARN OWL Houses : ***$350 for pole house installation, ***plus $350 Ring WiFi camera and Installation

The Mega Manor

The Mega Manor

Regular price $900.00

The Manor Barn Owl Box

The Manor Barn Owl Box

Regular price $700.00

The Raptor Roost Barn Owl Box

The Raptor Roost Barn Owl Box

Regular price $500.00

NEW Wifi Cameras!

Feel closer, and get to know your owl family by knowing what is going on inside your owl house!

We specialize in the installation of Ring and other quality WiFi cameras, so you can watch your owls from anywhere in the world using your phone or computer!

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Got questions? Please call me: (619) 241-3826

We have custom design and color options available with camera options, including the latest WIFI cameras that lets you see the inside of your box from your phone. Call me for more info.

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  • "We installed our owl box in 7 days we already had owls living there! Plus the box looks great on our property."

    - Joanna
    San Diego

  • I could not be happier. From the first phone call to the installation Neil was honest, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and he clearly wants to do a good job for his customers.

    - S.R. 

  • From the first phone call to final installation, this company did not disappoint! The craftmanship of these boxes is impeccable. The finished product was better than I ever expected.

    Jenice R.
    - Winchester

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Do I need to buy an owl with my owl box?

No! Your owl box is designed to attract owls. No need to buy additional owls :) 

How do I install the owl box?

Yes, we specialize in installations! Let us know and we'll give you a quote to install the barn owl house on your property.

Will my new owl box attract owls?

Barn owls are more common than most people realize. Areas known for existing activity will naturally stand a greater chance of attracting these birds. By installing an owl house in areas of low populations, you help increase the likelihood of attracting barn owls and are aiding their long term survival. As their natural territory decreases due to urbanization, a barn owl house offers usable space for them to raise their young and protects them against predators.

Will owls eat my dog or cat?

Most dogs and cats are too large and are not common prey. Barn owls have been reported to lift up to 5 pounds. They typically prey on rats, mice, gophers, and small rabbits because they are an easy catch. If your dog weighs less than 9 pounds, you should be more concerned with other larger birds of prey, coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, and mountain lions. It is best to keep your small pet indoors, in an eclosure, or on a short leash under your supervision.

How long will the owl box last?

You can expect our custom paint finishes, in combination with uv inhibiting urethane, to last 10 years.

Do you ship?

Yes! Shipping will depend on a few things, so let me know where you live and we can go from there. We can currently only ship our Raptor model due to size restrictions.

Got questions? Not sure which owl box is best?

Give me a call or text me at (619) 241-3826. I'll help you pick the perfect owl box for you, answer any questions you have, and possibly tell you one of my favorite owl jokes (optional :) 

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