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Owl Boxes Made Right Here In San Diego

ARK Owl Boxes are handcrafted right here in San Diego and are built to bring barn owls to your property. Order online or pick at our shop



The Manor Barn Owl Box

The Manor Barn Owl Box

From Sale price $250.00 Regular price $500.00

The Raptor Roost Barn Owl Box

The Raptor Roost Barn Owl Box

From Sale price $150.00 Regular price $280.00

Handmade in San Diego, CA

Each barn owl box is handmade right here in California by expert craftsman for over 30 years.

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Designed and Built By Wildlife Experts

Ark Owl Boxes have been  designed and built by Rick Windle for over 20 years. Each owl box is designed to last years, and provide fun and enjoyment for people of all ages. 

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love your new owl box, let us know and we'll buy it back from you, no questions asked.  

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Custom Boxes Available

Want an owl box that's as unique as you are? We'll make a box to your specifications. Call us to learn more about our made to order owl boxes.

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Barn Owl box faq

Do you offer any discounts?

Yup! If you pay in cash I'll give you a 10% discount. Give me a hoot here: (760) 522-1773

Do you offer installation?

Yes! If you're in San Diego or San Diego County, let us know and we'll give you a quote to install the barn owl box on your property.

Will owl boxes attract owls?

This depends on how dense the barn owl population is in your area. Boxes in areas with many owls will naturally stand a greater chance of attracting these birds. However, by installing boxes in areas of low populations, not only do you increase the likelihood of attracting barn owls, you also do your part in aiding their conservation. A lack of suitable nesting places is often cited as one of the prime reasons for the barn owl’s decline in certain areas. 

Are barn owls dangerous for pets?

No! They're safe for pets and great for rodent control.

When is the best time to put up boxes?

Barn owls can nest at any time of the year, so it really does not matter. You do want to have them ready by spring. Best rule of thumb–don’t wait, put them up when you are thinking about it.

Do you ship?

Yes! Shipping will depend on a few things, so let me know where you live and we'll go from there. Give me a call at (760) 522-1773

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